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Product Disclaimers

Hardwood Galleria Design Center custom designed floors are unique, hand stained and hand distressed products. Each Hardwood Galleria Distressed Floor will contain its own character, grain, knots, mineral marks, and distinctive features. These special characteristics create an appearance of a custom, hand scraped floor.

Our original, hand distressed floors have been designed for the customer that desires all the natural characteristics of a reclaimed floor from the past. The look of a custom or reclaimed floor is not intended to appear like a new floor, rather, resemble one that has seen many years of use. You can expect some or all of these characteristics to be represented in all planks within the cartons and these characteristics contribute to the authentic look of our floors. All cartons are packaged with a random selection of planks with different lengths, shades and hues.

Our custom designed floors are a natural and hand crafted product. As such, graining, and distressing can be expected and will be unique to every board. Flooring samples, both in our showroom, and in printed, or website matter, represent a small cross-section of a floor and may not be an exact color or design match to every plank, but will blend when properly installed to achieve the look, color and shade desired.

Product images displayed in promotional materials, including printed matter and/or website graphics, may also vary in their color appearance due to the limitations of the printing process, and the unique graphics displays utilized to view website images. No warranty is made on any color, design, hue, distress pattern, etc. of any printed and/or website flooring graphics displayed here. Please visit our showroom for final flooring color, and design choices.

Showroom samples of our wood products, which may have variations in color due to sunlight exposure and the age of the sample, are indicative of shade and millwork only and do not necessarily represent the look of an entire floor.

Variations in texture, color, grain, and bevel in each piece, as well as the inclusion of both large and small knots, are expected due to the nature of the product and the process of providing an aged and distressed look for your flooring. Due to the natural qualities of wood flooring, you are advised that it can dent and bruise and you should take care and precaution in its use and maintenance, observing any and all manufacturer maintenance recommendations.